General Information

Individual local units and councils are required to report Unit/Council Officer Information to the Oklahoma PTA state office immediately following elections, by adding new officers to units Givebacks site whether annually, bi-annually, or in the event of office vacancy, and/or no later than October 31st following standard elections to remain “in good standing.”

This serves as Oklahoma PTA’s primary way to update all mailing lists for important news and other information that is to be distributed to leadership and/or general membership.

OKPTA State Board Bylaws / Uniform Unit Bylaws

OKPTA State Bylaws (6/17/23)

OKPTA Uniform Unit Bylaws

Plan of Work

Unit Reporting Due by Oct 31st to be in Good Standing

1.       Financial Reconciliation Form

2.       Group Tax form

3.       File Taxes Annual Filing and Forms | Internal Revenue Service (
         Gross receipts normally ≤ $50,000 can file 990-N online e-postcard.
         Gross receipts normally < $200,000 need to file 990 EZ.
         When completed, submit paperwork through your unit's Givebacks site.

4.       Memberships are to be paid to OKPTA through your units' Givebacks site.
         Any questions please contact office 405-681-0750

5.     Uniform Unit Standing Rules With current school year approval date.

Treasurer Financial Forms

Treasurer Month to Month Checklist

Cash Verification with Starting Balance

Fillable Cash Verification

Fillable Check Request Form