Parents know that they play an important role in their child’s success. But traditional family engagement practices don’t always meet the needs of each and every family, nor treat them as equal partners in ensuring their child’s success.

The solution? Transformative Family Engagement.
Transformative family engagement is a shared effort of families, schools and community leaders to advance programs, practices and policies that empower every parent to make their child’s potential a reality.

Expanding on Our Mission
Family engagement should transform the lives of every child in America. That’s why we are investing in our mission with the Center for Family Engagement. Through a focus on grassroots leadership development, the Center for Family Engagement aims to embed transformative family engagement practices, programs and policies across the educational system so that every parent is treated as a valuable partner in their child’s education.
Over the next three years, the Center for Family Engagement will …
-- Raise awareness about transformative family engagement among OKPTA members and leaders by acting as a clearinghouse of innovative approaches, cutting-edge research, and best practices that OKPTAs can put into action

-- Empower OKPTAs across the state to be leaders in transformative family engagement efforts through grant and recognition opportunities, as well as connections to other leading family engagement organizations

-- Influence transformative family engagement decisions and resources by contributing to a national research agenda on how parent voice shapes family engagement programs, practices, and policies

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