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What Does It Mean to be PTA Connected?

Parenting in the digital age is complex.

PTA Connected strives to help children act safely, responsibly and thoughtfully online.

National PTA has been a partner to parents on digital parenting topics for over 5 years, exploring in-depth the issues that are on the minds of today’s families, and connecting parents with tools, research and supports to make the best decisions for their children.

With PTA Connected, you are:

  • Connected to programs that create an informed space for families and communities to discuss digital safety in a judgement-free zone, helping to establish healthy digital behaviors and well-being.
  • Connected with each other as we navigate and adapt together to build and grow as a digital community.
  • Connected to best practices, expert resources and tools that provide parents with the information they are looking for on how to have conversations with their children about living a healthy and safe life online.

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