2017 Officer Elections

voteThe 2017 Nominations Committee announces the 2017 Oklahoma PTA Slate of Candidates, listed below.

Oklahoma PTA Bylaws allow individuals to run from the floor for these positions (see information below the list of candidates).The election will be held during the 2017 Oklahoma PTA Convention & Expo, July 21-22, in Tulsa.  

2017 Slated Board Officer Candidates (2017-2019 term)

  • Alison Taylor – President-elect (Moore)
  • Steve Hahn – Vice President, Advocacy (Broken Arrow)
  • Kathy Saylor – Vice President, Membership (Oklahoma City)
  • Christina Manning – Vice President, Operations (Moore) (withdrawn)
  • Erica Mendez – Vice President, Operations (Lawton) (elected to slate 6/7/17)
  • Heather Pyle – Treasurer (Moore)
  • Kathy Bates – Secretary (Noble)

Individuals who meet the qualifications for election may self-declare and run from the floor. Any person who wishes to run for office from the convention floor must provide a Candidate Declaration of Good Faith to Oklahoma PTA. Such notice must be received in the state office by May 15th prior to the annual convention.

As part of the declaration, you must abide by abide by the Campaigns and Elections Policy.

Bylaws Governing Eligibility for Elected Office

Article VI, Section 4.  The following provisions shall govern the eligibility of individuals to be officers of the Oklahoma PTA:

  1. Any elected officer shall have served on the board of directors (for a minimum of six (6) months prior to time of election) within the past three (3) years
  2. The president-elect shall have served on the board a minimum of two (2) years within the past four (4) years.
  3. Each officer shall be a member of a local PTA chartered by the Oklahoma PTA.
  4. Any officer establishing a primary residence outside of the state of Oklahoma shall automatically forfeit his office.
  5. A past state president, having completed his term, shall not be eligible for any elected office.

Job Descriptions for any of the officer positions can be obtained by contacting the state office.